Washington Irving

Lost: 07/08/1860 Depth: 120

The Washington Irving was built in 1845 by noted ship master B.B. Jones of Cleveland Oh. An 81′ two masted schooner, she was built with a scroll figurehead, and a square stern. She left Erie, Pa for Buffalo, Ny with a load of coal and pig iron on July 7th, 1860, but was never seen again. It wasn’t until Monday the 9th, when the tug J.B. White noticed the Irving’s provision chest floating off Dunkirk, Ny, that anyone suspected she was missing. She sank for unknown reasons, and took her crew with her.

The Washington Irving rests in 120′ of water listing about 30 degrees to port, both masts still standing. There is a heavy layer of silt covering much of the wreck, but her starboard rail, bowsprit, windlass and anchor are still visible.

Visibility at this site varies from 20-60 feet, and bottom temperature from 40-46 degrees.



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