Shipwreck Diving

The Great Lakes were once bustling with ships of all types and sizes. Lake Erie in particular was heavily traveled, as it connected the east with the mid-west at a time when railroad lines were short and roads were nonexistent. For cities like Buffalo, Cleveland and Detroit, Lake Erie was its lifeblood. The mid to late 1800’s was a treacherous period of maritime disasters. There was little in the way of navigational equipment, and no early warning of unexpected storms. Due largely to the shallowness of Lake Erie, many a ship met her fate in unexpected gales and heavy seas. The glory days of lake commerce are a gone, with the exception of the occasional lake freighter or fishing trawler. Today, we pay respect to the maritime history in a special way; by visiting many of the ships lost. Some are well-preserved museum pieces, some show evidence of the mighty lakes wrath, but all tell a story. We’ve been telling the stories for years, come and experience them for your self. Take a dive into history with Osprey Charters. Our boats are state of the art, spacious and impeccably maintained. Our crews understand your needs, and know how to assist without getting in the way. We offer multiple tank dives, deep dives and the occasional night dive, and accommodate all types of divers, recreational, technical, instructors and dive clubs. Our gas blending station provides fills of air, NITROX, TRI-MIX, oxygen and argon, and can blend any custom mix.
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