Lost: 11/11/1852 Depth: 160

The length of this shipwreck, the upright hogging arches, and the visible barrels in the holds, all lead one to believe that it is indeed the package steamer, Oneida.  On November 11, 1852, the Oneida, loaded with 3500 barrels of flour, left Cleveland for Buffalo, but fell victim to an extremely destructive storm.  The ship was lost with all hands(about 20)

Except for the decking being mostly missing, the shipwreck is intake, displaying rudder, propeller, boilers, engine, bow anchors, upright hogging arches and barrels viewable from her open hatches.

This wreck lies about 6.5 miles off of Long Point.

The visibility is typically good on deeper wrecks ranging more than than 40’+ and bottom temperatures around 40 degrees.


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