J. G. McGrath

Lost: 10/28/1878 Depth: 90

Built in 1870 at Saint Catherines, ON, the J.G. McGrath was a 104′ two masted schooner. On October 28th, 1878 she was loaded with a cargo of cut stone bound for Port Dalhousie, ON when she encountered a storm. The crew of the schooner “George W. Holt” watched the last moments of the McGrath as she was being battered by the storm. The propeller “Araxes” was also nearby, but offered no assistance to the crew , leaving them to row in the heavy seas for 16 miles to Port Colborne. No lives were lost in the sinking of the McGrath.

Today the McGrath rests in 90 feet of water on the Canadian/American border off Dunkirk, NY. Both her masts are down and she’s heavily damaged from the collision with the lake bottom. Most of her working gear is still in place, including her windlass, and capstan. Her stone cargo scattered about the wreck. This is a popular dive among recreational divers. Visibility varies from 15-60 feet, bottom temperatures in the mid 40’s.



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