Betty Hedger

Lost: 11/02/1937 Depth: 115

Betty Hedger

The 113′ barge “Betty Hedger” was built in 1927 in Kingston, NY and was operated by the New York Scow Corporation. She, along with three others was fully loaded with sulfur and in tow of the tug “Ballenas”, bound for Cleveland from Buffalo on november 2, 1937 when they encountered stormy seas. Bellenas, the most powerful tug on all the great lake at the time, was no match for the stormy conditions, made for Erie, Pa. Three of the four barges broke free and were later recovered, but the Betty Hedger was lost a few miles east of Barcelona, Ny.

The remains of the Betty Hedger lie in 115′ of water, with mounds of sulfur cargo still in place. Much of the decking and sides are gone, leaving the massive framing structure exposed. There is a small pilothouse complete with portholes, a small winch, an anchor and other items visible.

Visibility ranges from 30-70 feet, but bottom temperatures seldom exceed 42 degrees.


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