Lost: 11/12/1881 Depth: 95

Depth: 95

The 154′ three masted schooner “Carlingford” was built in 1869 at Port Huron, MI. She was a seasoned vessel and had made many a voyage between lakes Superior and Erie before, so there was no reason for her experienced crew to be nervous of another. Unfortunately, this particular November voyage in 1881 would prove to be the end for the Carlingford. Bound for Buffalo from Duluth MN, she was fully loaded with wheat and had mild weather for most of the trip, with only a short period of snow to the west of Dunkirk, NY. Having not seen the approaching steamer “Brunswick” the Carlingford’s skipper turned directly into the Brunswick’s path. Heavy damage to the port bow resulted from the collision, and all but one crew member manned the yawl just before the schooner went under.

Today the Carlingford lies upright in 95 feet, both her masts down. The hole in her bow that sunk her is clearly visible. The rest of the ship is well preserved, all her deck gear is in place including the windlass, capstan and winch. Most of the wreck is encrusted in Zebra mussels and silt covered. Visibility on this site ranges from 20-60 feet with bottom temperatures in the low to mid 40’s.


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