Kevin M. said this: I highly recommend Osprey Charters for what is, in my opinion, the best diving in Lake Erie. Whether recreational or technical, Osprey provides the best way of seeing the historic sunken schooners and steamers in Lake Erie. Osprey’s boats are big and comfortable, and the diving is outstanding. Every year I arrange a trip with Osprey for my dive club, and I always encourage new divers to use Osprey for their introduction to Lake Erie because of the boat, the clarity of the water, the excellent wrecks, and the comfort and service provided by Osprey.

Dave S. said this: Even a fanatical diver starts to loose their drive when marooned in a landlocked part of the country. Its even worse for thosewith technical diving inclinations. A couple oflong drives a year to the better dive locations isn’t nearly enough to keep us happy. Luckily, we have the option of hitting an incredible mix of world class shipwrecks with Osprey Charters. We now have access to some of the best preserved wrecks in the world in a wide variety of depths, enough to please divers with any level of experience. Lake Erie’s waters are normally chilly but we are rewarded with amazing visibility. The professionalism of the Osprey’s crew and availability of any mix you could possibly need make charter days as easy as possible. The trips made with these guysare some of the best dives I’ve ever had. Many thanks to the Herberts!

Jim M. from Warren, Ohio said this: I have used Osprey Dive Charters on several occasions and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in using a quality operation on Lake Erie. Their service and fill station is top notch not to mention the screaming fast dive boat. Capt Jim runs a great operation and should be your first call if you want to see the best Lake Erie has to offer.

Bob O. said this: I’m continuously learning more about wreck diving in the Great Lakes, trying to expand my experiences there. There are many great places to dive from, but in particular one I’ve enjoyed is Osprey Dive Charters, over in eastern Lake Erie. I could do these wrecks several times each and not get bored. Hope the rest of you can check these out sometime if you’re in the area. This planned trip to Lake Erie -Barcelona, NY with Osprey Dive Charters turned out even better than the impromptu trip we took here last weekend, yielding two of the best fresh water wreck dives I’ve done to date on some premier Lake Erie wrecks.

Jim J. from Akron, Ohio TECH. DIVER said this: Osprey Charters (Southwind) run the best tech. boat on the Lake Erie waters. Way fast boat and very impressive old schooner shipwrecks to dive!! I would recommend diving with the seasoned and friendly Captian Jim Herbert and day of the week!!

Dave G. said this: I’ve been actively diving since Hal Watts first trained me in 1971. During that time I’ve been on many different and varied dive boats. Some of the dive boats and their captains have been good, a few have been bad but only one has been GREAT and that is Captain Jim Herbert and his boat the Southwind. I first started diving with Jim Herbert and his Osprey Charters in 1999 and every year since that time I have been fortunate to have enjoyed the best wreck diving in the world with him. The Southwind and his other boat, the Horizon, are both maintained in impeccable condition. Everything is clean, bright, shiny and most importantly, safe. His crew is trained and helpful and they understand the needs of technical divers. The Southwind is the most perfectly designed technical dive boat that I have ever had the pleasure to dive from. It features benches that securely hold your double cylinders, lots of room for your stage bottles and other gear, it’s very easy to get ‘in and out’ of the water with full gear, it features a comfortable cabin to relax and enjoy the trip in and it’s fast, really fast! Captain Jim Herbert, his crew and the Southwind have enabled me to dive on some of the most wonderfully preserved and beautiful wrecks in the world and have truly enhance my diving experiences.

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