Lost: 09/24/1870 Depth: 90

The “Indiana” was a 137′ three masted barkentine sailing ship, built in 1852 at Oswego, NY She was loaded at Buffalo with paving stone cut from the Niagara Gorge intended for use as street curbing in Cleveland, OH. Unfortunately, the stone would never arrive, as the Indiana ran into foul weather and sank bow first on Saturday, September 24th, 1870 No crew members were lost in the tragedy.

Today the Indiana lies upright in 90 feet of water, with her stone cargo above and below decks, just as it was loaded. Her masts are down and her bow broken. Her anchors can be found among the bow wreckage. Other notable features include the windlass, winch, capstan and rigging. Visibility at this site varies from 20-60 feet, bottom temperatures in the mid 40’s.



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