Oxford (Crow's Nest)

Lost: 05/30/1856 Depth: 160

Crows's Nest

For several years after her discovery she was known as “the Crow’s Nest” due to the crosstree on her foremast, or as “the tiller wreck” due to her perfectly preserved tiller. It took a few years for this 2 masted brig’s true identity to be discovered to be the Oxford. Built in 1842 at Three Mile Bay, NY, the 114′ Oxford was owned and operated by Hoag Strong and Company of Cleveland, OH. She was lost, along with her captain, his wife, child and two crew members on Friday, May 30th 1856 in a collision with the steamer Cataract.

The oxford lies upright in 160 feet of water. Notable features of this mid-1800’s wreck include her tiller, bilge pump, winch, windlass, both anchors and reasonably intact masts. Port and starboard railings are also intact. Visibility on this wreck is often more than 50′ but bottom temps seldom exceed 42 degrees.


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