George C. Finney

Lost: 11/17/1891 Depth: 100

George C. Finney

The George C. Finney is a 136′, 3 masted schooner, built in 1866. She was left Toledo for Buffalo on November 14th, 1891 in the company of the schooner M.J. Cummings. The two stuck together until the 17th, when they encountered one of the worst gales ever on Lake Erie. When a squall passed, the Finney was not to be seen again. She went down with all hands.

The Finney lies upright in 100 feet of water, near the US Canadian border. Her masts are down and much of her decking gone. Notable features include the sheet winch, windlass, anchors and bilge pump. Visibility varies from 20 to 50 feet with bottom temps in the mid 40’s. She’s covered in Zebra mussels and silt.



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