Schooner G

Lost: UNKNOWN Depth: 170

Schooner G

This unknown wreck is the best preserved 2 masted schooner we’ve seen on this lake. She appears to be about 90′ in length, her beam 20′. She sits upright, both masts standing, they’re even straight and parallel to one another! Another amazing detail is the relief off the bottom, about 15′ to the deck. Most wrecks of this vintage are more that a little buried in the bottom, while this one appears to have gone under much more recently, or possibly current keeps her from becoming buried. Certain details hint her age; she’s tiller steered, and appears to have a hinged or detachable bowsprit, perhaps to fit in small canal locks. At the stern is the tiller, rudder, two large open windows, and an intact cabin, less a few boards. forward of the cabin are two open hatches and a bilge pump. The anchor lies on the port bow next to the windlass. The bowsprit is detached, but on the bow, exposing a “fiddle” figure head.

“G” lies in about 170′ of water, her masts can be reached at about 110′. There’s moderate zebra mussel infestation, about average for this depth. Visibility is normally in the range of 30-60′, bottom temperatures in the low 40’s.


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