Lost: 12/06/1899 Depth: 90


The Niagara was a steam powered wood propeller, built in 1875 at ST. Catherines ON. She was last seen off Long Point on December 5th, 1899, struggling through snow and huge waves. It would be nearly a week before her true fate was known, when a bottle bearing a note penned by the Niagara’s captain McClory was found off Port Colborne. The message was old news, really, as the Niagara was the only ship to have gone missing in the storm, and several vessels reported seeing her cargo floating in the lake. She took with her a crew of 16.

Today, the wreck of the Niagara lies in 90 feet of water. Her stern is broken, port side collapsed inward, starboard outward. The windlass and part of the foremast lie in the bow. Her engine is exposed, forward of which is a winch and some of her cargo. Divers can expect visibility in the range of 20-50 feet, with bottom temperatures in the mid 40’s.


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