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Owners: Mike & Brandy Cochrane

Osprey Charters has been taking divers to Lake Erie's best kept secrets for over 20 years, and we've got no plans on changing. Being on the water is more than just a profession for us it's a passion that dates back to childhood. When you love something this much, you can't help but do it well.

Captain Michael Cochrane was born and raised in the town of Westfield, NY. When he was 14 years old, he met the previous owner of Osprey Charters, Captain Jim Herbert. It was then that he started his exciting adventrue upon the Southwind!

He spent the following 5 years mating on the southwind. At age 19 he received his 100 ton masters captains license with towing endorsements. In the spring of 2013, Mike and his wife Brandy gained ownership of Osprey Charters Inc.

The goal of Osprey Charters is to take divers safely and efficiently to see some of Lake Erie's best shipwrecks! Mike and Brandy plan on continuing great service and making their divers experience the best they can have!!

While on your adventure with Osprey Charters, you will have the pleasure of meeting John Poquadeck! John has been with Osprey charters for years. He does anywhere from setting mooring lines to helping you with your fins. John has been diving since 1967 and has had his 100 tons captains license for three years.