Aqua Specialists - dive shop/diver training
Dip 'N Dive - dive shop/diver training
Discover Diving - dive shop/diver training
Pittsburgh Scuba Center - dive shop/diver training
Great Lakes Tech Diving - diver training
Tech Diver Training - diver training
Cave Diver Training - NSS/CDS Cave Diver Training with Ralph DiPanfilo
Water Sports and Diving Center - dive travel
Niagara Divers Association - dive club
Bay Area Divers - dive club
Jack Papes - dive photography
Tom Wilson - dive photography
Vlada Dekina - dive photography
The Historical Collections - educational and reference material of the great lakes
Erie Wrecks - reference material
Sea Wolf Communications - educational and reference material
Maritime Archaeological Survey Team, Inc. - archeological studies, education and reference material
Lake Erie Wreck Divers (LEWD) - dive club
Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE) - shipwreck researchers and finders
Aqua Amigos - SCUBA club
Dive the Cooper - dive travel
Diving the Great Lakes with Kevin Magee - informational dive site
Diver's World - Erie PA
Deep Six Specialists - Scuba Dive Center